Rights of way definitive map modification application: RWO 292 - Brede


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ReferenceRWO 292 - Brede
Nearest town or villageCackle Street; Brede
Description of routeAdding a footpath from point A marked on the attached map (TQ 81520 18730 ) to point B (TQ 81021 18136 ) via point C. Adding a footpath from point C marked on the attached map to point D (TQ 8097 18158 )
Status claimed2 Footpaths
Ordnance Survey grid reference(s)TQ 81520 18730 to TQ 81021 18136 via TQ 81100 18288. TQ 81100 18288 to TQ 8097 18158.
Date receivedWednesday 29 June 2022
ApplicantMr Nicholas Gale
Council officer assignedTo be confirmed
Status of applicationAwaiting Investigation

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