Rights of way definitive map modification application: RWO 290 - Wadhurst


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ReferenceRWO 290 - Wadhurst
Nearest town or villageCousley Wood; Wadhurst; Lamberhurst
Description of routeAdding various footpaths in Broadwell Wood connecting points B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P in various ways, with point B at TQ 6455 3442 (footpath Wadhurst 72's termination point with the Kent border); point E at TQ 6541 3417 and point F at TQ 6575 3405 (both on Sleepers Stile Road); point L at TQ 6583 3479 (on Hoghole Lane); and point P at TQ 6592 3426 (on Sweetings Lane).
Status claimedVarious Footpaths
Ordnance Survey grid reference(s)Various, see map but includes point B at TQ 6544 3442; point E at TQ 6541 3417; point F at TQ 6575 3405; point L at TQ 6583 3479 and point P at TQ 6592 3426
Date receivedTuesday 7 June 2022
ApplicantMr Timothy Lyons
Council officer assignedTo be confirmed
Status of applicationAwaiting Investigation

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