Rights of way definitive map modification application: RWO 280 - Ashburnham


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ReferenceRWO 280 - Ashburnham
Nearest town or villageAshburnham; Ponts Green; Penhurst
Description of routeAdding the Bridleway in the Parish of Ashburnham & Penhurst from point A – grid reference: TQ 6770 1589 where the claimed route leaves Herring Lane, Ponts Green, to point B – Court Lodge Farm, grid reference TQ 6821 1641 continuing to point C - grid reference TQ 6848 1707, where it joins Bridleway Ashburnham 3a.
Status claimed1 Bridleway
Ordnance Survey grid reference(s)TQ 6770 1589 to TQ 6821 1641. TQ 6821 1641 to TQ 6848 1707.
Date receivedWednesday 15 December 2021
ApplicantMs Susan Hyden
ApplicantBritish Horse Society
Council officer assignedTo be confirmed
Status of applicationAwaiting Investigation

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