Rights of way definitive map modification application: RWO 260 St. Ann (Without)


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ReferenceRWO 260 St. Ann (Without)
Nearest town or villageAshcombe House; Kingston near Lewes; Lewes
ParishSt Ann (Without)
Description of routeBridleway from Ashcombe Farm entrance on A27 to junction with New Cottages. Bridleway from New Cottages westwards to cross over St Ann (Without) 2, over Long Hill to meet St Ann (Without) 4. Bridleway from New Cottages through Ashcombe Farm to St Ann (Without) 2. Bridleway close to Ashcombe Farm entrance on A27 around the front of Ashcombe House.
Status claimed4 Bridleways
Ordnance Survey grid reference(s)TQ 3878 0931 to 3873 0944. TQ 3873 0944 to 3714 0965. TQ 3873 0944 to 3808 0977. TQ 3892 0933 to 3871 0950.
Date receivedWednesday 31 March 2021
ApplicantMr Peter Slepokura
Council officer assignedTo be confirmed
Status of applicationInitial Investigation - Incomplete Application

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