Rights of way definitive map modification application: RWO 236 - Beddingham, Firle


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ReferenceRWO 236 - Beddingham, Firle
Addresses of properties affected
  • Lay Cottage, Well House, The Furlongs, Newelm, Glynde Estate, Firle Estate, East Sussex
  • Old Coach Road, East Sussex
  • Beddingham, East Sussex
  • Firle Bostal, East Sussex
Nearest town or villageBeddingham, Firle
  • Beddingham
  • Firle
Description of routeDeletion of current Byways Beddingham 8 & 9 and Firle 14
Status claimedDeletion 3 Byways
Ordnance Survey grid reference(s)TQ 4456 0690 to TQ 4574 0720, TQ 4575 0710 to TQ 4623 0718
Date receivedTuesday 4 December 2018
ApplicantMr Michael Wood
ApplicantET Landnet Ltd.
Council officer assignedNatalie Mclean
Status of applicationAwaiting Investigation

Application documents