Rights of way definitive map modification application: RWO 214 - Chalvington with Ripe


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ReferenceRWO 214 - Chalvington with Ripe
Addresses of properties affected
  • Yew Farm Cottage, Chalvington Road, East Sussex BN27 3TB
  • Diplocks Farm, East Sussex BN27 3TG
  • Land bordering byway Chalvington with Ripe 33, BN27 3TG
  • Land bordering footpath Chalvington & Ripe 30
Nearest town or villageChalvington
ParishChalvington with Ripe
Description of routeAdding 2 conjoining Restricted Byways from Chalvington Road at Diplocks Farm south easterly to Byway Chalvington with Ripe 33. Adding a footpath off the proposed Restricted Byway about 80 metres from the junction with the Byway Chalvington with Ripe 33 in a north-easterly direction to footpath Chalvington with Ripe 30
Status claimed2 Restricted Byways (conjoined) and 1 Footpath
Ordnance Survey grid reference(s)TQ 5234 0981 to 5269 0948, TQ 5269 0948 to 5275 0945, TQ 5269 0948 to 5274 0951
Date receivedFriday 15 December 2017
ApplicantMr Christopher Smith
ApplicantRamblers Association
Council officer assignedStephen Kisko
Status of applicationAwaiting Investigation

Application documents